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Glass Malcroys Brewing 410ml

GLMA00001 Glass Malcroys Brewing 410ml
GLMA00001 Glass Malcroys Brewing 410ml
The official Malcroys Brewing glass. Engraved with the Malcroys Brewing logo, so it wont fade over time. And much more classy than printed versions.

The shape of the glass is not a random, "fancy" choise.  The balanced shape of the glass enhances the foam, the aroma’s and the flavors. The nucleation sites in the bowl encourage bubbles to take shape and lead to a beautiful foam head and a nice development of smell. 

For many years beer consultant Derek Walsh and beer sommelier André Köppen searched for the ideal glass to smell, judge and drink beer. In collaboration with Royal Leerdam the beer professionals designed a perfect beer(tasting)glass for optimal drinking and tasting of different beer types. The first experiences from experts all over the world are very promising. and in the end this shape was chosen.

€ 6.99 tax included

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